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First off - hi! Thank you so much for taking this on, and really anything with these characters in these fandoms would be lovely, but if you want some more information about me and what I like, this is the place to look.

General Guidelines

Things I Like

- As a general rule, I like things light-hearted. It doesn't have to be fluffy, just a generally positive feel.
- First-times rather than established relationships
- Happy or at least hopeful endings. Very important! Don't make me sad.
- Character interaction and team dynamics. Snark, bonding over mutual interests, that sort of thing.
- Deep affection between characters that slowly turns to love.
- Case fic, if it's a crime show. Best when combined with some kind of emotional progression.
- "Downtime" fic, ie. where the characters do something fairly mundane, like go shopping (as long as it's in character!)
- Future fic, particularly where the characters haven't seen each other in a while
- Other tropes I am not adverse to: amnesia, road trips, family reunions / high school reunions

Things I Dislike
- I have an allergy to reading "I love you"s in dialogue.
- Also not a big fan of crying.
- Definitely no: graphic violence, non/dub-con, BDSM, humiliation. I'm very easily squicked.
- This is probably unlikely to be a problem, but graphic torture and/or mutilation can and has caused me faint.
- Zombies. Just... don't.

Fandoms and Prompts

NCIS: Los Angeles

Medium: TV series, currently being aired.
Summary: Elite team of NCIS agents solve military-related crime by use of high-tech surveillance and undercover jobs. Of the two male leads, one is a woobie product of the foster care system who doesn't know his original name and is currently homeless; the other is an ex-SEAL. They fight crime. The rest of the team includes a kickass former-military-brat lady, a surfer-geek, a newbie agent, a worried psychologist and a snarky little old lady.
I really love how casual and joyful the relationship between Sam and G is and would love something about that. Casefic would also be great. Interaction with the rest of the team would be wonderful. Light exploration of G's angsty past also good. (Slash is more than fine; dark is not.)

Even if not overtly slash, G and Callen should be acting like they're married, just like in the show. Casefic is required to make at least as much sense as the ones on the show, ie. not much. What do the characters do when they're not working, anyway?

Martha Grimes - Richard Jury series

Medium: Crime novels. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Grimes
Summary: Richard Jury is a Scotland Yard detective with a tendency towards the morose. He occasionally recruits his friend Melrose Plant, a former earl, to help him solve cases. They have an easy friendship and are often able to keep each other level-headed.
The partnership of Jury and Plant is my major attraction to this series - they complement each other very well, so something building off that would be great. Casefic or a book-coda is good too. (Slash is more than fine; dark is not.)

Some Melrose and Aunt Agatha interaction would also be welcome; ditto to Jury and Carol-Anne. If we could avoid killing any little girls that would be fantastic, although I realise the source material may seem to call for it...

Spirited Away aka Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Medium: Animated movie (Japanese). See http://www.nausicaa.net/wiki/Spirited_Away
Summary: Chihiro finds herself trapped working at a bathhouse for the gods, renamed to 'Sen' by the witch who owns it. Spoilers: While trying to get herself free, she also befriends a river dragon she had unknowingly once met as a child. She finds his name for him to free him and he promises that they'll meet again. Chihiro returns to the human world.
Notes: In the English version they claimed Haku's true name was "the Kohaku river", whereas in Japanese it's "Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi". I much prefer the latter.
Haku promised they'd meet again, but Miyazaki has stated that Chihiro doesn't remember what happened to her in the spirit world. How could that be resolved? Otherwise, any Chihiro/Haku romance or interaction. Flying scenes greatly appreciated.

I once wrote a fic with a fairly similar premise to the above, but it was 6 years ago. If you're not comfortable with that, maybe something set while they're at the bathhouse? A conversation in the flower garden or while visiting Chihiro's parents.

L J Smith - Night World

Medium: Part of a series of books. Only Daughters of Darkness is necessary for my prompt. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_World#Daughters_of_Darkness
Summary: Mary-Lynnette is a human teenager with an interest in astronomy. Bad-boy vampire Ash shows up in town to retrieve his runaway sisters and the two hate each other on sight (she kicks him in the shins!). Unfortunately for them, it turns out they're soulmates.
Notes: I know Smith posted a short snippet of some mid-apocalypse Ash and Mary-Lynnette to her website. Like I say in my prompt, though, I'm not a huge fan of apocalypses so ignoring it is fine with me.
Something about Ash and Mary-Lynnette meeting again some time later and trying to build a working relationship. Misunderstandings, arguments, pining - but resolved happily (or at least hopefully). Bonding over stargazing and Jane Austen. Not post-apocalyptic, please.

This would be a great opportunity for some futurefic (college?) or a high school reunion. *coughs*

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