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When I was doing my other script updates I remembered my AO3 to Pinboard bookmarklet, and wondered if anybody was still using it. Naturally I recently received a very lovely email with some feature suggestions, so I guess that's a yes!

So, it's been updated, and now includes the following options:
- Include the author's freeform (additional) tags in the pinboard tags
- Add the word count to the description
- Include view_adult=true in the bookmark URL where relevant
- Include view_full_work=true in the bookmark where relevant

The last two probably need a bit more testing before I'm happy with them.

I also took the opportunity to rework the code so that it's easier for me to maintain (and use my hacky bookmarklet configuring method), and to change the URL, because it was formerly at bookmarklet.html. Because it was the first one I created. Yikes.

This bookmarklet is now looking like decision fatigue personified, but one of the things I know about fandom's bookmarkers is that they all have their own complex cataloguing system, and I love to support that.
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I did this a while back, and never posted the code because why would you want this. Nonetheless, it still makes me smile to see it.

Yes, I left it enabled. This is how I see AO3.

Screenshot of AO3 filters, with fruit added to the ratings Screenshot of an AO3 fic, with "Explicit" replaced with "Lemon"

I replaced the AO3 content ratings with old-style citrus ratings (and relevant emoji). Note: there's no lime emoji. I used a green heart instead. Also, I'm not sure what the citrus version of "General Audiences" is. I didn't replace the names in the Filters sidebar because I didn't want to wipe out the works counts.

Cut for code )

This goes in your custom AO3 site skin, if you have one. (If you don't, you can create one.)
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After a certain friend of mine remarked that she'd been up until 3AM reading fic three nights in a row (a "fictim", as Tumblr would have it), I remarked that it should be pretty straightforward to write a script that will estimate how long it will take to read a fic and pop up a warning when it thinks you'll finish too late for comfort.

So there's now a bookmarklet that will calculate how long it will take you to read a fic, and also a userscript that will do the same and then warn you if it think you'll finish after 1AM (or however you configure it).

These are both still in very early beta, so please let me know if you encounter any weirdness or have suggestions.

I don't know if a point-by-point retrospective on developing this would be of any interest to anybody, so it's behind a cut. )
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In some fandoms, it's reasonably common for fanfic authors to write text in a language other than English and provide a translation that appears on hover. They do this by putting the text in the title="" attribute of an HTML tag (usually <span>). This works on desktop, but on a touch screen device it gets a little complicated.

Initially I was thinking I could write some CSS in a custom AO3 theme to display the text after the element it's attached to, but it turns out that AO3 doesn't allow you to use the attr() function. So I went back to my old friend, the bookmarklet.

Reveal Title Text Bookmarklet

I also learned how to install bookmarklets on mobile Safari, which will probably greatly improve my fic reading experience in future. No way to install them on my Kobo though, so I guess I'll just have to deal with not being able to read the translations on my e-reader. That or add custom CSS to every AO3 epub I add to my Kobo.
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I'm back home and Yuletide signups are open, which means I've been frantically fixing bugs and tweaking my Yuletide Taglist filter. (Well, I suppose it's one way to combat jet lag...) Last year it was a separate page, but since I've been on a bookmarklet spree this year, I decided to make this one operate on the actual AO3 tag list.


Basically, it's for people like me who never quite know what they'll be requesting or offering until the final tag list goes up, and it lets you peruse the list and mark off the ones you're interested in, then slowly whittle it down.

As a bonus, it generates your bucket list for you!
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I've been doing a lot of reading on my Kobo lately, so AO3's epub download feature is my favourite. In the shower this morning I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could just click a bookmarklet and it would queue up downloads of the epub versions of all stories in the series?

I encountered two problems with this:
1) For logical reasons, AO3's structure for the download URLs is a bit arcane. I had to grab a copy of the code from SVN and dig around until I figured out the format.
2) Prompting the browser to download multiple files is more difficult than you'd think (but, again, probably for logical reasons). I found a few solutions but they were all pretty dodgy.

Anyway, long story short, I sort of solved problem 1 but not problem 2.


This will provide download links for the ebook versions of all stories on an AO3 page (author's works, search, series, etc) in a little box that floats on the page after you click the bookmarklet.

It is undoubtedly very buggy.
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Not having a terribly productive flex day so far, but we're going to the bank in the afternoon so maybe it will be productive in the "organising our finances" sense?

I thought I'd link to something I posted on [community profile] ao3some earlier this week, though:
This generates a bookmarklet (little button that lives in your browser bookmarks) based on the Pinboard posting bookmarklet that will fetch tags from AO3 and put them in the tags box for you.

I wrote the bookmarklet on Sunday, the generator on Monday, added Author tagging on Wednesday (by request) and this morning I added a feature to remove the brackets from the end of the fandom tag (ie. turns 'The Avengers (2012)' into 'TheAvengers').

Additional feature requests welcome.

PS: I have investigated doing this for Tumblr without much luck, and for Delicious (which I might be able to do but it'll be less elegant). I could do Google Bookmarks if I thought anyone cared...
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