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I did this a while back, and never posted the code because why would you want this. Nonetheless, it still makes me smile to see it.

Yes, I left it enabled. This is how I see AO3.

Screenshot of AO3 filters, with fruit added to the ratings Screenshot of an AO3 fic, with "Explicit" replaced with "Lemon"

I replaced the AO3 content ratings with old-style citrus ratings (and relevant emoji). Note: there's no lime emoji. I used a green heart instead. Also, I'm not sure what the citrus version of "General Audiences" is. I didn't replace the names in the Filters sidebar because I didn't want to wipe out the works counts.

Cut for code )

This goes in your custom AO3 site skin, if you have one. (If you don't, you can create one.)
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This occupied most of my day today*:

It's a userscript (Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, etc) that runs on Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal and Pinboard, and lets you navigate up and down posts with the j and k keys. If you hit enter, it will open the current post in a background tab**.

It loads a few external scripts: jQuery (because Pinboard doesn't include it), Mousetrap (for easy keyboard shortcuts) and scrollTo (because I couldn't be bothered writing it myself).

Not thoroughly tested, which is why I haven't posted it to userscripts.org or anything yet. Let me know if you try it out!

* Most of the time was spent messing around with keyboard shortcut libraries. Ugh.

** I copied the code for this from https://userscripts.org/scripts/review/179969
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Not having a terribly productive flex day so far, but we're going to the bank in the afternoon so maybe it will be productive in the "organising our finances" sense?

I thought I'd link to something I posted on [community profile] ao3some earlier this week, though:
This generates a bookmarklet (little button that lives in your browser bookmarks) based on the Pinboard posting bookmarklet that will fetch tags from AO3 and put them in the tags box for you.

I wrote the bookmarklet on Sunday, the generator on Monday, added Author tagging on Wednesday (by request) and this morning I added a feature to remove the brackets from the end of the fandom tag (ie. turns 'The Avengers (2012)' into 'TheAvengers').

Additional feature requests welcome.

PS: I have investigated doing this for Tumblr without much luck, and for Delicious (which I might be able to do but it'll be less elegant). I could do Google Bookmarks if I thought anyone cared...


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