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Firefox updated and I was completely unprepared for it, which is probably more my fault than theirs. So here's some of my observations/tips, with a fox emoji bullet even though Firefox is a red panda:

🦊 I was using some legacy extensions to switch between multiple profiles easily, Chrome-style (and to label it on my OSX bar). These no longer work, and it seems like Firefox has no interest in supporting that functionality, but there is a Mozilla-developed extension called Containers that will let you corral your cookies between tabs. So I am trying that out.

🦊 GreaseMonkey implemented some breaking changes, and one of my essential userscripts broke - something I wrote that lets me use keyboard shortcuts to navigate up and down my Dreamwidth reading page and AO3 works listings, among other pages. I was too short on energy to try and fix it after my first attempts failed, so I switched to TamperMonkey (which has better legacy support).

🦊 I was running NoScript, largely for performance reasons on my laptop, but that hasn't been updated yet. There are a gazillion privacy extensions out there - right now I am trying Ghostery, but please feel free to send recommendations! I'm mostly concerned about my laptop not running at 100% CPU when I try to read an article, but not being stalked around the web by advertisers is nice too. (I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this - if I'm not paying for content I don't object to seeing the advertising that pays for it - but there are limits.)

🦊 This is such a silly thing, but I hate that the folders in my bookmarks toolbar are grey. Give me some colour! (Is this a theme thing?)

That's it for now, if you have any tips of your own please share!

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