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I'm back home! I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's a quick, probably inaccurate update on what I've been doing to conquer pop culture.

Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells (Murderbot #3)
Exit Strategy - Martha Wells (Murderbot #4)

Audio (I only list narrative audio here)
The Adventure Zone: (K)Nights, 1-3
The Adventure Zone: Amnesty 8-12 (I'm not sure how much longer this has, but I think I'll wait a bit longer before listening to more)
The Adventure Zone: Dust
The Adventure Zone: Balance - All live shows through 1 November (Seattle, Halloween Special)
Lawful and Orderly - 1-2
The Strange Case of Starship Iris 1-4

If anyone has any narrative podcast recommendations, please send them my way!

Guardian (镇魂) 1-4
Some random episodes of the classic Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Mary and the Witch's Flower (2017)

Live Events
Pittsburgh Penguins @ Toronto Maple Leafs, October 18 2018
Skate Canada International (Laval, QC) - Exhibition Gala

I also watched the entirety of Griffin McElroy's Pokemon Nuzlocke Run, despite never having played a Pokemon game. It was nice, chill plane viewing.
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The Murderbot Diaries: Artificial Condition - Martha Wells

I really need to get back into the habit of reading books.

The Adventure Zone: Balance - the rest of it, including all the live and MaxFunDrive episodes (but not the bulk of the Suffering Game)
The Adventure Zone: Amnesty 1-5 - This was very cool, but I think I'll wait until the next arc is finished before continuing
The Adventure Zone: Elementary (AKA Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire [Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes]) - this was Extremely Silly 😂

Agatha Christie's Poirot 10x04-11x02 - I think I'm done with this - it was getting too dark and sordid for my tastes. I enjoyed much of the early seasons a lot though.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 2x01-2x07
Rosemary & Thyme 1-9

This sounds like a lot of TV, but it's been a while since I logged my TV watching.
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Daughter of Mystery (Alpennia #1) - Heather Rose Jones

Agatha Christie's Poirot 5x08-10x03
Miss Marple (v. BBC, Joan Hickson) - an assortment of episodes, not in chronological order
Rosemary & Thyme 2x14 - this was randomly on TV, and I want to seek out more episodes because it was extremely silly but very cute. As I said on Twitter, I ship it on principle.

Thor: Ragnorok

The Adventure Zone 18-51, 58-60 - I got partway into the 2nd chapter of The Suffering Game and cut for spoilers, fictional injury )

I'm out of the habit of reading again, it seems. I'm looking forward to the new Murderbot novella coming out soon, and I have the second Alpennia novel to read.

Incidentally, is there a nice collective noun for this type of post? Content Consumption log?
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🌤 I stopped checking Tumblr in December to avoid Star Wars spoilers, and I've honestly been so much happier without it that I think I'm going to stick to that for a while longer. So if you have a tag for original content that I could follow in my RSS reader, please let me know!

(Dreamwidth posts will continue to be crossposted to Tumblr.)

🌤 We bought ourselves a fun little toy as a Christmas present - a Silhouette Curio, which cuts paper/card/foam and draws with markers and engraves metal and so on. I'm planning to make greeting cards and possibly some shadowboxes. Stay tuned. (Should I make a form of some description so people can tell me their addresses so I can send birthday cards?)

🌤 There's a new Card Captor Sakura anime starting (which I credit for the sudden interest in the works from 2001 I have on my fanfiction.net /o\), but I'm not watching until I can get spoilers for the ending, because I know your ways, CLAMP! *shakes fist*

The Stone Sky (Broken Earth #3) - N. K. Jemisin

Next: Daughter of Mystery (Alpennia #1) - Heather Rose Jones

Agatha Christie's Poirot 5x03-5x07
Miss Marple* 1x01

The Adventure Zone 9-17

*The BBC one from the 80s, starring Joan Hickson
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Yes, it's only been a week. Don't expect this to last.

Artemis - Andy Weir

The Stone Sky (Broken Earth #3) - N. K. Jemisin

Agatha Christie's Poirot 4x03-5x03

Audio ie. Podcasts
(I'm only including narrative podcasts in here.)
The Adventure Zone 1-8
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