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Dreamwidth now has keyboard shortcuts! You can access them from your settings page (shortcuts tab). These let you navigate up and down your reading page by using the keys you prefer - I use j and k.

I wrote a userscript to do this a while back, so it's great that Dreamwidth has - independently, to the best of my knowledge - implemented them. (I think I'll keep using my script though, because I find the animations on the DW version distracting.)

On that note though, I finally created a page for the aforementioned web keyboard shortcuts. This works on Dreamwidth, AO3 , and Pinboard. (I spent a solid couple of hours yesterday trying to get it to work on Pillowfort, but eventually had to admit defeat.)


Archive of Our Own now includes date and wordcount filters in the sidebar by default, so I've removed them from my additional filters userscript. This left "creator" as the only filter in that script, so I added in the hits/kudos/comments/bookmarks filters for completeness.


The AO3 Stats CSV and AO3 Works CSV both had the same bug when encountering certain special characters in work titles - I fixed them a while back but forgot to say anything here, so if you're running either of those make sure you have the latest versions. (Yes, this is a very basic error. I'm not proud.)

Date: 2018-07-19 02:31 pm (UTC)
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Hmm, I think something went awry with your "web keyboard shortcuts" link. But also, as always thank you so much for all these helpful tools. <3

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