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Greetings! If we matched on a fandom, I am sure you are amazing and I look forward to seeing what you write. :D

Typically, now that assignments are out I'm panicking about my letter, so please check back occasionally for updates?

General Guidelines

Things I Like
- As a general rule, I like things light-hearted. It doesn't have to be fluffy, just a generally positive feel. Don't make me sad!
- Character interaction and team dynamics. Snark, bonding over mutual interests, that sort of thing.
- "Downtime" fic, ie. where the characters do something fairly mundane, like go shopping (as long as it's in character!)
- "Case" fic (for whatever passes as a case in that canon)
- Future fic, particularly where the characters haven't seen each other in a while
- Other tropes I am partial to: amnesia, road trips, family reunions / high school reunions

Things I Dislike
- I have an embarrassment squick like woah.
- Non/dub-con, BDSM, humiliation, and this is probably unlikely to be a problem, but graphic torture and/or mutilation can and has caused me faint.
- Zombies. Just... don't.

For the record, I like all kinds of pairings - f/f, f/m, m/m, poly, etc. Just no incest or underage, please!

Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells
Moon, Jade
Medium: Fantasy novels (Available as ebooks DRM-free from Baen Ebooks!)
Summary: Fantasy with amazing worldbuilding and flying people and non-human protagonists and... just read [personal profile] pentapus' rec post here.
I love all of the characters in these books, so don't be afraid to include them if you want to. I would love to see Jade's point of view on Moon and their relationship - maybe a moment where she was particularly glad he wasn't like "normal" consorts? Or another adventure they took together, with plenty of flying and Moon being awkward but knowledgeable about groundlings.

I don't think I have anything to add here - I just love these books and I want more. (I know there's a new one coming out in December... you may or may not have to avoid spoilers for it. XD)

Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle
Schmendrick, Molly Grue
Medium: Novel, and also an animated movie.
Summary: A unicorn searches for the remainder of her kind, helped by a hapless magician and a pragmatic former bandit's wife.
I love these two. Schmendrick is a lot older than he looks/acts, so I'd love to see something dealing with that. Or, have them get involved in another lightly subversive fairytale story (not dark, just self-aware).

But really, just these two and their relationship.

This is one of my favourite books. I love how it takes fairy-tale tropes and plays with them a little, but without overtly critiquing them. I also have a bit of a thing for immortality tropes, so I loved Schmendrick and his curse. Plus, I love Molly's practicality and pragmatism.

PS: I requested the book, but I'd be just as happy with movie if you need to seek it out.

Initial D
Takahashi Ryousuke, Fujiwara Takumi
Medium: Anime TV series, manga. Official US Site (can watch it all streaming in Canada and USA)
Summary: It's a sports anime about illegal mountain street racing in Japan. The protagonist is a guy who happens to be very good at driving (thanks to subtle training by his father, a retired street racer) but doesn't get what the big deal is. (This doesn't last.)
I only got around to watching 4th Stage this year, but really this is a total nostalgia request. I love Takumi and his giant crush intense respect for and desire to please Ryousuke. He is still slightly bewildered by how everyone thinks he's so awesome when he clearly has so much to learn, and I adore that.

Maybe something after Ryousuke goes off to medical school (future fic! I love futurefic), or maybe a moment where Ryousuke drives with Takumi.

Ahaha. I don't even know why I like this show so much - well, okay, I do, it's Takumi, and the way he completely turns the cliche shounen protagonist trope on its head. At least in first stage, he isn't trying to get better, he's trying to get everybody to stop bothering him! I love that. And even later in the series he's not your typical protagonist.

Emelan - Tamora Pierce
Daja Kisubo
Medium: YA fantasy novels (Daja is the star of Daja's Book and Cold Fire, but she's in all of the first four books)
Summary: Four children are brought together and due to various circumstances and become very close friends (they refer to each other as siblings). They all have different types of powerful elemental magic. Hijinks ensue.
I would really like for Daja to find a girlfriend! You could bring back Rizu somehow, or find her an OFC, either would be lovely.If you're not comfortable writing romance, I'd like to see Daja working on a new magic+metal project. (Or both of these combined! :D)

In summary, just make Daja happy.

This is a re-request from a previous year, but I figure there's no harm in trying again. I love Daja and how calm and logical she is about everything, but without lacking compassion. I also love the rest of the kids, so if you'd like to include them, I won't object!

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