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It's been a while since I've looked at these. Lifted from a number of people on DW!

Account created: 2008-12-03. I'll have to remember to post something for its 10th birthday!
Total stories: 107

Total wordcount: 265,378
Average wordcount: 2,480, which sounds about right for my writing efforts
Longest story: Knowledge and Light with 30,363, my LotR early 20th century university AU, which honestly could have been longer.
Shortest story: I have three separate 100 word drabbles

Total kudos: 11,685
Kudos per story: 109, which is higher than expected
Story with most kudos: Dealing With Dragons, a Howl's Moving Castle fic I whipped up in 2010 at the last-minute for a "Girl Saves Boy" ficathon, with 839.

Total comment threads: 563
Comment threads per story: 5
Story with most comments: Dealing With Dragons, with 30

Total author subscriptions: 89
Total story subscriptions: 90
Story with most subscriptions: Up a winding stair (MCU/Spider-Man), which is a one-shot, with 7

Total bookmarks: 1793
Story with most bookmarks: Dealing With Dragons, with 210

Stories with no comments or kudos: I have three with no comments (at least one of them deservedly), and 0 with no kudos.

Dealing With Dragons has been topping out all of kudos/comments/bookmarks for a couple of years now. If I'd known it was going to have such lasting popularity I might have spent a little more time on it. Or at least got it betaed...

Date: 2018-07-31 01:53 am (UTC)
morbane: pohutukawa blossom and leaves (Default)
From: [personal profile] morbane
Surely it is one of the Rules of these things that your most popular fic is always one that didn't get beta'd...

Date: 2018-07-31 08:04 am (UTC)
sqbr: me in a graduation outfit. Trust me, I'm a doctor (of maths) (doctor!)
From: [personal profile] sqbr
I don't know, the natural conclusion here is that getting less fics beta-ed will improve your popularity :D

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