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I found this D&D gameplay podcast through a somewhat circuitous route, but the short of it is that one of the players wrote the "Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes)" one-page RPG the McElroys used for this year's MaxFunDrive content.

I thought the concept for this was really cute, described as "a light-hearted fantasy police procedural show", which is relevant to my interests as a fan of light-hearted* mystery novels and also fantasy novels. Unfortunately, the gimmick of having the game live streamed on Twitch and having the audience act as the jury and vote on the conviction has a couple of consequences that didn't really work for me. The first was that the audio quality was Not Good. The second was that the options are a) convict the suspect arrested by the players, or b) the Black Inquisition, who AFAICT are distrustful of all paranormals, make a case and that case is accepted by the judge.

Spoilers! So in the first arc (2 episodes), even though - like the Twitch audience - I was dissatisfied with the evidence and conclusions presented, and the subsequent arrest made by the players, I was even more dissatisfied with the actual ending, where the Black Inquisition forced a confession out of the victim's wife and ran a centaur out of town.

Since I'm unable to influence how well the players make their investigation and present their case, it left me feeling really helpless and upset.

In conclusion, cute idea, I wish I'd enjoyed it!

*And thus, unrealistically divorced from the reality of policing


As my next experiment in filling out my podcast app, I'm going to try Starship Iris. (If you've listened to it and think you need to warn for something, please let me know!)

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