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Being the kind of post I called "random thoughts" before. I'm trying to join the 2010s, or something.

Spoilers below!

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty (up to date through episode 12)

I'm really digging this arc. It's not as funny as Balance, although it definitely has its moments, but I'm actively frustrated by it being an "open" canon and really want to know more about the characters and the background mysteries of the setting. (But all I can do is wait! The worst.)

- I'm increasingly confused about how old Ned (Clint's character) is supposed to be. In episode 7 he says "someone like me, in his mid to... late 30s" and in episode 10 Clint protests when Justin calls Ned "elderly", so is he, like... 40ish? Is he just sensitive about his age?
- Griffin telling them that he wants them to help flesh out the town, and them blatantly abusing this power to declare Kepler the waterpark capital of the country was amazing.
- I'm delighted by Travis freaking out at Justin's teen Duck voice sounding just like Justin at 15, particularly since to my ear he had a notably stronger accent when he does it, which is just fascinating to me, linguistically speaking.
- Any of the scenes where they were trying to convince someone to do something for them while lying about their supernatural purpose were so excruciating for me I had to resort to reading the transcript and skipping ahead /o\ I am very grateful for the TAZscripts project!
- I have a terrible craving for French Onion soup now. Thanks, Duck Newton. (What a motivation.)
- Aubrey tells Dani that she does know what it's like to have a home out there and know she can't return to it, but we didn't exactly see that in her flashback. I assume there's more coming on that topic, but part of me is secretly hoping Aubrey is just a very melodramatic teenager.
- So many loose threads I'm dying for them to follow /o\

The Adventure Zone: (K)Nights

It is really, really funny to me that Travis, who supposedly turned up to their first game with pages and pages of grimdark backstory for Magnus, should be the kind of GM who sets his players on multi-part puzzle-solving dungeons with only the thinnest veneer of plot. Amazing.

- Because I haven't listened to the other two mini-arcs yet this was my first time experiencing Griffin as a player, and I enjoyed it a lot! You could kinda tell he was used to leading the podcast, though. I particularly appreciated the running gag of his character very unconvincingly pretending to be a wizard instead of a warlock.
- Also, Griffin deciding he doesn't feel the Lovecraftian implications of "abstract" and declaring that his god is a bunch of random shapes. A++
- Clint partially naming his character after Lin Manuel Miranda and then them inviting Lin onto the podcast is a rather beautifully confusing combination of events. (I also got a kick out of Clint objecting to having another bard in the party and pointing out that he isn't playing a DJ in the game.)
- Justin freaking out about not having superpowers and being confused about how to fight in melee was very relatable. (I guess he got over that by the time of Amnesty.)
- The house rule that bards have to filk their current task in order to use a spell is perfect, I love it.
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