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I was out of town for most of the sign up period so that's why my prompts are super-short. I hope this letter helps clarify! I will probably update this occasionally until November (I'll note up here if I do).

Things I Like
- As a general rule, I like things light-hearted. It doesn't have to be fluffy, just a generally positive feel.
- Character interaction and team dynamics. Snark, bonding over mutual interests, that sort of thing.
- "Downtime" fic, ie. where the characters do something fairly mundane, like go shopping.
- "Case" fic (for whatever passes as a case in that canon)
- Future fic, particularly where the characters haven't seen each other in a while
- Other tropes I am partial to: amnesia, road trips, family reunions / high school reunions

Things I Dislike
- I have an embarrassment squick like woah.
- Anything that would require an AO3 warning.
- Zombies. Just... don't.

For the record, I like all kinds of pairings - f/f, f/m, m/m, poly, etc. Just no incest or underage, please!

For the record: I've made a lot of "what happened next" prompts here, but I want to emphasise that if you want to write a missing scene from canon or a prequel or anything else that crosses your mind, I would be absolutely delighted with that. These are all canons I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to see expanded.

Juuichinin Iru | They Were Eleven (Read online)
Characters: Tadatos Lane, Frolbericheri
I would love to see Tad and Frol a few years down the line, exploring space and bickering the whole time. Romance or gen are both fine!

Note: Frol declares that xie will become a woman for Tad, but... that's a bit heteronormative, no? Which is not to say that I think that xie shouldn't choose to become a woman, just that it shouldn't be so that xie can date Tad.

This movie/manga had a lot of elements I love, all put together - strong characters, adorable romance, and a SF plot! Like I said above, I wasn't really on board with the ending, although I'm not opposed to m/f relationships.

Fortress Series - C. J. Cherryh
Characters: Tristen Sihhë
I just love Tristen, the way he is in the world but not really a part of it - or perhaps too much a part of it. Anything about him would be lovely, but I'd particularly like to see him interacting with the people of his world (canon or original, whatever you like).
I bought this book on impulse as a teenager, and I read it over and over and over. It's one of my favourites.

If you want to write a romance, I'd prefer you don't break up Cefwyn and Ninevrise, but OT3 or pre-negotiated poly is fine. I'm also happy with any other pairing (Crissand, etc).

Twelfth Night - Shakespeare (Entire play | Spark Notes)
Characters: Viola | Cesario (Twelfth Night)
How does Viola adapt to being a woman, after her stint as Cesario. Does she settle into it smoothly; does she continue to masquerade as Cesario occasionally; does she miss being Cesario and the way she and Orsino interacted then?
I just saw this play for the first time this year, and I found it outrageously charming. Please don't think your story has to make any more sense than the play - outrageous shenanigans all the way!

The Wolverine (2013) (Can I Stream It?)
Characters: Logan (The Wolverine), Yukio (The Wolverine)
I want to see them as partners. Possibly on a road trip. Yukio says she'll be his bodyguard - what exactly does that mean, when her client is functionally immortal?
I found this movie to be enjoyable but it could have been better in almost every aspect - my thoughts on it are here. One thing I particularly loved was the non-romantic relationship between Wolverine and Yukio, and I'd like to see more of that.

Yukio wasn't with Logan in the credits-scene - why is that? Did he just dump her at the school and move on?

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