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My Wednesday posting experiment fell by the wayside for a while there, huh. I had to consult Tumblr to come up with this.

☀ Health-wise, I've been better (and worse). I came down with a cold over the Canada Day weekend and since then I've been feeling like I'm treading water. Tired, headaches, that sort of thing. Basically I'm just getting home and collapsing, most days. I'm due for a thyroid checkup so I really need to get that scheduled.

I made a Star Wars-themed greeting card I'm pretty proud of.

I re-laced my shoes with sparkly purple ribbon and I am very happy with them, even if nobody at work seems to have noticed yet.

☀ People keep asking if we've started packing yet. The answer to that is a slightly anxious "no". But I went through my books and came up with a stack to give away/donate/etc. So that's something.

☀ Writing-wise, I actually wrote 800 words of a thing! Sure, it's A/B/O gen, but it's something.

No reading update, because I've been slacking on the reading. The current StoryBundle (Historical Fantasy) is curated by Melissa Scott and looks pretty cool, though!
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