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Hi! We share tiny fandoms! That is awesome!

With regards to my tastes, I love romance but I also love plot and platonic friendships, so if you're not comfortable with romance please don't feel obligated to write it. I've tried to provide prompts for both types of story.

I love light-hearted things, but I also like things that make me think. I don't like things that make me cry. I am easily squicked and not at all comfortable with graphic violence. I love it when characters support each other in uncomfortable situations (eg. reunions). I love competence. I am not particularly kinky.

Circle of Magic - Tamora Piece
Medium: Novels for young adults
Summary: Four children are brought together and due to various circumstances and become very close friends (they refer to each other as siblings). They all have different types of powerful elemental magic. Hijinks ensue.
I would really like for Daja to find a girlfriend! You could bring back Rizu somehow, or find her an OFC, either would be lovely.

If you're not comfortable writing romance, I'd like to see Daja working on a new magic+metal project. (Or both of these combined! :D)

In summary, just make Daja happy.

I love all of the kids, but Daja is my favourite. I like how calm and pragmatic she is. Feel free to include as much as the others as possible, though!


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Medium: Anime, 13 episodes. Trailer
Summary: Simultaneously a love letter to and a deconstruction of the "magical girl" genre. The protagonist is offered the chance to become a magical girl and have a single wish granted. But what can she wish for? And why does this mysterious other magical girl tell her to refuse?
I find Homura deeply fascinating (timey-wimey heroine of my heart!), and I'd love to know what happens to her next. What does she go on to do (other than fighting not-witches)? Does she move on? What does she have left to learn after living so many lives?

I would like her to end up content, if not actually happy, but I should point out that I consider 'reunited in the next life' to be a happy ending for this series.

One of the things I really loved about this series was the reveal of Homura's backstory. It was a fantastic moment of "Oh, so that's why..." for me. So, the more time travel, the better, is what I say!


The Red House Mystery - A A Milne
Medium: Murder mystery novel; Available on Gutenberg
Summary: A 1930s English country house mystery by the author of Winnie the Pooh. Features Sherlock Holmes roleplay, secret passages and more!
I loved these two so much! How do they meet again? Does Antony keep being a detective or does he move on to something else? (Slash is okay. *coughs*)

Alternatively, I found the simple affection between Tony and Bill very touching, and I'd love to know what the basis for that is. How did they first meet?

The English country house mystery of the 1930s is a not-even-really-guilty pleasure of mine. Witty English people bantering and solving crime is the genre of my heart.

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