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I feel like a large flaw in Dreamwidth as a fandom platform right now, other than multimedia content, is that a lot of the site (non-user pages, like profiles and inbox) still has poor mobile support. Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do about that.

So! For those who use desktop browsers, are there any annoyances a bored fan with Javascript skills can fix with a bookmarklet or userscript?

Here's a couple of things that have occurred to me:
- Is there an existing, Dreamwidth-supported "Post to Dreamwidth" bookmarklet like the old one for LiveJournal? It pulled the selected text on the current page and a link into a new entry for you. I was thinking this could ease some of the frustration about the lack of reblogging.
- On the same principle, I've made a proof of concept for a bookmarklet that will take all the images you've just dragged into the Upload Images page, and create a new post for you: Dreamwidth Image Post Bookmarklet. Currently it just uses the code Dreamwidth automatically generates for you, ie. a 100x100 pixel thumbnail with a link to the original image. Obviously this isn't very practical for the modern web, but making it configurable will come in v0.2.
- If you're using the Beta New Entry page and are missing rich text controls, I can't help you, but if you just want buttons to insert HTML for you, I have this script: Dreamwidth HTML Buttons Userscript.

I'm also working on a post with some tips for tweaking your journal theme custom CSS for better mobile display (but please let me know if someone else has already done this).
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