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The worst thing I have ever coded

I did this a while back, and never posted the code because why would you want this. Nonetheless, it still makes me smile to see it.

Yes, I left it enabled. This is how I see AO3.

Screenshot of AO3 filters, with fruit added to the ratings Screenshot of an AO3 fic, with "Explicit" replaced with "Lemon"

I replaced the AO3 content ratings with old-style citrus ratings (and relevant emoji). Note: there's no lime emoji. I used a green heart instead. Also, I'm not sure what the citrus version of "General Audiences" is. I didn't replace the names in the Filters sidebar because I didn't want to wipe out the works counts.

.rating .tag::after {
text-indent: 0;
display: block;
line-height: initial;

.rating .tag[href="/tags/Mature/works"],
.rating .tag[href="/tags/Teen%20And%20Up%20Audiences/works"],
.rating .tag[href="/tags/Explicit/works"] {
text-indent: -9999px;
line-height: 0;
display: inline-block;

.rating .tag:hover::after {
background: #900;
color: #fff;

.rating .tag[href="/tags/Teen%20And%20Up%20Audiences/works"]::after {
content: 'Orange \1F34A';

label[for="work_search_rating_ids_11"]::before {
content: '\1F34A\00a0 ';

.rating .tag[href="/tags/Mature/works"]::after {
content: 'Lime \1F49A';

label[for="work_search_rating_ids_12"]::before {
content: '\1F49A\00a0 ';

.rating .tag[href="/tags/Explicit/works"]::after {
content: 'Lemon \1F34B';

label[for="work_search_rating_ids_13"]::before {
content: '\1F34B\00a0 ';

This goes in your custom AO3 site skin, if you have one. (If you don't, you can create one.)
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Hee, I love it!
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Hah! Excellent. :D
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What a magnificent person you are. I am DELIGHTED.
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You are a true hero.