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Hello and welcome to Yuetide 2016! I aim to be easy to please, and I'll probably be delighted with whatever you most want to write for our shared fandom(s). As always, optional details are optional, something you really want to write is just as good as something I've prompted.

I love reading:
- Emotional intimacy, found families, trust and loyalty
- Melancholy with a side of hope, that feeling that things are changing (for better or worse) and the past is unrecoverable
- Edit ...But also happy things!
- Different takes on first meetings, fork in the road AUs
- Outsider perspectives, interactions with "normal" or "mundane" people
- Romances that disrupt the usual pining → confession → sex progression
- Tropes: amnesia, road trips, family reunions / high school reunions.
- Slash, gen, het, poly, ace, aro...

Please don't write me:
- Anything that would require an AO3 warning (mention of canonical character death is fine)
- Explicit sex (unless it's plot relevant)
- Incest, relationships with large power imbalances, infidelity
- Embarrassment or humiliation
- Torture, mutilation, damage to fingers/eyes, on-screen permanent injury (past canonical injuries are fine)
- Mundane AUs, zombies, apocalypses, mafia AUs

Request 1 by Flamebyrd
Monument Valley (Video Game)
Princess Ida (Monument Valley)

I was so fascinated to see this in the nominated fandoms. I loved this game, and the little hints of story behind the puzzles. Tell about Ida during her quest, her frustration and regret. Tell about Ida after her quest, when she's regained herself and her people. Tell me about Ida before the quest and what led her to her crime.

I love the atmosphere and mind-bendiness of the puzzles - I don't know how you'd get that into prose, but if you want a challenge, feel free to try!

Note: I'm not partial to very dark interpretations of canon.

Request 2 by Flamebyrd
Ni no Kuni
Oliver (Ni no Kuni)

I would really like to know what happens to Oliver after he returns to Motorville. How does he cope with returning to the "real" world and his friends there? Does he ever return to the other world? Does he grow up in Motorville, and what happens next (university, a career)?

I love stories about characters adapting to a "normal" life after living one full of adventure and danger. How do his experiences affect the way he approaches life now?

Request 3 by Flamebyrd
Shoji An | Tsukasa, Misono Mariko | Subaru

I would love to see these two and their relationship post-series. What's it like adapting to the outside world? How does their romantic relationship develop?

If you're not much for future-fic, a moment between them in-game would be lovely instead!

Note: I'd prefer if the fic didn't focus heavily on Tsukasa/An's abuse background. There are gender issues to be considered, I don't have any preferences there so go with your heart.

Request 4 by Flamebyrd
ねこあつめ | Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Please, give me the cuddly, found-family, cat sanctuary fic of your dreams! There's so much you could do here. Slice of life, a slowly growing friendship over sharing the large cushion (or whatever your favourite multiple cat item is), the origin of your favourite memento...

My favourite items: Cardboard Choo-choo, Art Deco Cat Tree, Cow Tunnel, Mister Dragonfly, Butterfly Swarm, Penguin Cushion

Note: I'm not interested in subversions or dark interpretations of this canon. I play the English version, but if you prefer the Japanese names I'm happy with that too.
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